How are we solving this?

We are building the trust infrastructure of the internet with our AI-based APIs.
The UTU Trust API replaces typical rating and review tools and uses AI to adapt to users’ unique preferences and context. This allows businesses to provide personalized recommendations to increase conversions and sales.
Additionally, the UTU protocol uses blockchain to ensure reviews and ratings can’t be manipulated. The protocol compensates users who provide accurate ratings and allows full control of data privacy.
The combination of the UTU Trust API and protocol create a dynamic review system that enhances trust online for better working and trading relationships.
We are also building more sector-specific APIs, starting with the UTU Creditworthiness API that is now available for both traditional lenders and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. This API leverages machine learning to continuously improve the accuracy and precision of credit assessments, identifying customers that are trustworthy and those that have a higher risk of default. Learn more about the Creditworthiness API here.